Agricultural Sprayers

Time: 2011-09-16
 According to co-promotion model, intended for agricultural orchards, for foliar nutrition, application of plant growth regulators, pesticides to orchard trees. There are various models, depending on the needs of farmers and type of tree.Tree height, and the size of the orchard, often a key factor in the choice of an agricultural sprayer. 
With the atomizer Proptec orchard owners are two ways to use its agricultural sprayerSome units can be configured in a vertical or horizontal spray tower arm. Horizontal configuration is uniquely suited to small tree 14 feet in height. Spray two configuration allows two rows of the orchard owners for each pass. Their target design applications, also allows for faster speeds up to 5 mph. This reduces the required number of gallons per acre of land according to Proptec, also reduces the required active ingredients, lower costs per acre of land.

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