Orchards agricultural sprayers

Time: 2011-09-27

According to the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension, agricultural sprayers, used in orchards, for fruit trees, foliage nutrients, plant growth regulators, pesticide application. There is a variety of models, according to the needs of farmers and trees. Tree height, and the size of the orchard, often a key factor in selection of agricultural sprayers.
Slimlline mist sprayer turbine manufacturers. They are also equipped with a bypass protection systems. 150 Series, 250 Series, 350 Series, 450 Series - ultra-thin four different versions of the turbine Mist Sprayer provides.
150 series with a 200-gallon agricultural sprayers. This is the first or by using the optional tower orchard, orchard owners can spray the tree up to 10 feet. Because of this height limit, which spray mist is not recommended for more than 10 feet high cherry tree, since the spray will not reach the top of the trees. Instead, this unit is very suitable for low trees.
250 Series features 250 gallon is only 138 inches long trailer. When equipped with 24-inch turbine, agricultural sprayers can reach 12 feet, making it the perfect peaches and dwarf apple trees.
350 series 400 Turbo features fog gallon tank. With its 30-inch turbine, it is designed for fruit trees, 20 feet tall.
Finally, Slimlline 450 series turbo fog with a 600 gallon tank and 38-inch turbine. This machine is designed for large orchard trees extend upward to 40 feet high. Citrus Tower and optional turbosteer this pattern.

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