How to maintain the sprayer

Time: 2011-08-04

   How to maintain the sprayer

   Pest control sprayer is the main tool, some farmers emphasis on the use, maintenance neglect, casual fling trouble after the closure, so that not only the coming year is not good to use, but also seriously affect the life of spray. Here are some of the maintenance of knowledge, for your reference:
First, the sprayer after the closure should be the first to liquid barrels, hoses, boom and other parts of the surface cleaned, paying particular attention to clear the pump on the bottom of the barrel of grease and liquid recess of the soil.
Second, because most pesticides on sprayers have some corrosion, so disabled, again in time with the alkaline wash, then rinse with water, especially after spraying Bordeaux mixture, preferably alkaline soak 1-2h as Bordeaux mixture is very corrosive.
Third, pay attention to prevent rust. Those who can disassemble the parts to be removed to wash clean. Lance, the inner wall of the nozzle to use oil flush, so as not to damp rust.
Fourth, to improve maintenance. Detailed examination of the various parts, any parts or screws are often subject to wear and tear the place, to be coated with glycerol and found that the damaged parts, to repair a good time to re-use.
Fifth, after completion of the inspection, make small parts wrapped in paper, placed in the liquid storage cylinder, so as not to inadvertently lost. The spray to fly in dry and ventilated warehouse, not on the dark, dank corner, not to open storage.

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