Dust mask selection principle

Time: 2011-08-08

Dust mask selection principle
     First: dust masks blocking efficiency is higher. A dust mask inefficiency is its resistance to the fine dust, especially for the 5 μm below the respirable dust of dust blocking efficiency standards. General gauze masks, the principle is the mechanical resistance dust filter, that is, when the dust when the collision to the gauze, through a layer of barrier, some of the large particles of dust barrier in gauze. However, the fine dust, especially less than 5 μm dust will pass through from the gauze mesh to enter the respiratory system. Now there are some dust masks on the market for sale, its permanent electrostatic filter by the charge on the fibers, those less than 5 μm of respirable dust in the process of passing through the filter, will be attracted by electrostatic adsorption filter, the dust really play the role of resistance. 
Second: the mask and the seal of face shape better. When the mask and the face is not close timely, will be from the dust in the air masks to enter the gap at around the respiratory tract. Therefore, people should use their own dust masks, face shape and the right to wear dust masks.
Third: to be comfortable to wear, including respiratory resistance is smaller, lighter weight, wear hygiene and easy maintenance, such as wearing dust masks arch.

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