Types of agricultural sprayers

Time: 2011-10-09
If you have a garden, it is like your garden, insects and other pests of the family. You can choose to use insecticides or pesticides, trying to rid your garden of pests. These materials are usually in liquid form, for in addition to plants of agricultural sprayers. When it comes to spraying pesticides or even liquid fertilizer on your lawn or garden, you have some to choose the most suitable option for your style sprayer.
TOW - stay
For larger areas, it may be easier to use the trailer behind the sprayer, the emphasis behind the tractor, and use the sprayer with multiple nozzles and pump, is connected to the tractor's electrical system, or battery-powered. Mechanical pump to build pressure on the liquid through the nozzle.
This type of hand-held sprayer agricultural sprayers and pull back elements. Like pulling back, it has a mechanical pump and a number of nozzles, it is completely self-sufficient, and even an engine. Hand-held sprayers, it also may be hand-held applicator wand, but it is usually driven by manual operation of farmland.
Crop duster
Now known as the "air spraying," These are small agricultural sprayers equipped with the tanks. Boom with multiple nozzles are installed in the aircraft at the bottom of the "wings, used to connect to the aircraft's mechanical pump" the electrical system. Pilot control of pesticides by remote control or another type of electrical devices spread.