Agricultural Sprayers for Orchards

Time: 2011-10-24
According to the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension, agricultural sprayers, used in orchards, are used to apply foliar nutrients, plant growth regulators, and pesticides to orchard trees. There are a wide variety of models available, depending on the need of the farmer and the type of trees. Tree height, as well as the size of the orchard, are often the key factors in selecting an agricultural sprayer.
Slimlline Manufacturing manufacturers Turbo-Mist Sprayers. These airblast sprayers use an adjustable air delivery system specifically designed for agricultural use in orchards. These pumps utilize an offset pump reduction drive system. They also feature a bypass protection system. Slimline offers four versions of the Turbo-Mist Sprayer--the 150-series, 250-series, 350-series, and 450-series.
When equipped with 24-inch turbines, the agricultural sprayer can reach 12 feet in height, making it perfect for peaches and dwarf apple trees. Sprayers equipped with 30-inch turbines can reach heights of 20 feet, making this set up well-suited for cherries and taller apples. The 350-series of the Turbo-Mist features a 400-gallon tank. With its 30-inch turbine, it was designed for orchard trees not taller than 20 feet. However, in California, almond growers often use this model for trees up to 40 feet in height, as the height obtained depends greatly on the speed of travel and type of foliage. Lastly, Slimlline's 450-series Turbo-Mist features a agricultural sprayer and 38-inch turbines. This unit was designed for large orchards with trees extending up to 40 feet in height. A citrus tower and optional turbosteer are available for this model.

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