Helicopter spraying of agricultural schools

Time: 2011-11-07
Bill's flight schools want students happily flying helicopter pilot training. They also provide crop spraying helicopter Bell 47 helicopter of course, holds commercial agricultural sprayer pilot license pilots. Course includes 10 hours of ground training, including work with hazardous chemicals and materials, and 10 hours of flight training, during which students land on a small elevated platform, take off and hover, a large number of Bin Laden and low-level flight, the total weight.
Hawk helicopter only a few of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) approved training school in one of Australia's agricultural sprayer. Eagle before becoming a school that provides services to the agricultural community. Eagle now provide training in chemical, spraying pests, disease and weed control, fertilization and seeding and air. With the emphasis on security, eagles use U12ET Soloy Hiller and aerospace AS350B Squirrel helicopter.
Companies to provide helicopters for helicopter training and specialized agricultural crop dusting in advanced military exercises, including hovering technology, backward takeoff, landing in a truck with a maximum total weight of airspeed zero torque transfer, how to plan a spray pattern . Companies teaching pilots how to safely land after engine failure. Enterprises to use Bell 47 helicopter.
Airwork Helicopter Private Pilot License and training for commercial helicopter pilot's license and registration with the Queensland Government to provide training for international students. They focus on the flight service, and suggested that the agricultural sprayer part of the students completed the course in a recognized external position. They use Bell 47 helicopter, and crop spraying services of experienced pilots.


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