Agricultural sprayer principle introduced

Time: 2012-03-26

A Bernoulli principle. The Bernoulli principle is in the same liquid flow rate, agro sprayer pressure is small; flow rate, strong pressure. Fluid automatically from high-pressure flow of low pressure. Tube through the trigeminal (specific figure can not be drawn to comprehend), low-speed flow of water to high-speed flow of air. The water was torn by the high velocity air a small a small drop (Imagine the tap water flowing, the beginning is slow, is the water column; but then the speed gradually increases after become drop by drop). These small droplets emitted since become fog.

The second is caused by water pressure into a thin tube to high-speed flow, high-speed flow tripping over obstacles and fragmented into small droplets.insect control materials situations like the faucet Rolling order a large with fingers blocked. Home nebulizer use of this structure and low cost.

 The third is to allow water to bring the charge (water dielectric), and like charges repel each other into the water droplets. This method drops of water particles is very small. The same principle is also used to the car paint. The fourth is the ultrasonic atomization. Cause "waves" of vibration in the water, the ultrasonic vibration frequency is very high, so it's "wave" of the wavelength is very small, so a very small "waves" - small water droplets, car washer these droplets became fog. Hospital treatment of respiratory spray jets machine is to use ultrasonic atomization.

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