Properties and uses of the misting machine

Time: 2012-03-27

Electric sprayer scope:
 Widely used in general industrial equipment, agro sprayer medical equipment, chemical equipment, agriculture (Lawn and Garden), tourist vehicles, special vehicles, ships, beverage, vehicle cleaning, carpet cleaning, floor cleaning, water purification and water treatment equipment.
(A) the production of agricultural use of electric sprayers, hand-pressure sprayer modified electric sprayer (hand pressure sprayer mounted directly on the micro-pump, matched with a battery or hand lamp can be).

(B) of the vehicles, ships, yachts, boats, etc. in the use of diet washing sieve, shower, toilet, wash water.
(C) Car washer food and beverage processing and handling equipment, fluid transfer of food distribution, bottling.
(D) domestic water supply. For example, water-saving toilet, water-saving toilet, electric toilet, plumbing pressurization system and so on.
(E) solar energy industry.
(F) water purification industry. For example, purification equipment, water treatment equipment, drinking fountains, water machine. For production enterprises wet towel dispenser, water dispenser, Coke machine, juice machines, dishwashers, disinfection machines, solar bonsai, automotive glass washing facilities.

(G) Other required liquid transfer, spray and even metering equipment and systems. For example, garbage trucks, water truck, carpet cleaning equipment, floor cleaning equipment, vehicles, cleaning equipment, road construction equipment, dishwashers, medical equipment, chemical equipment,  misting machine chemical defense equipment, disinfection equipment, cooling system, pressurization system, etc..

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