The main purpose of the crop equipments

The main purpose of the crop equipments

acrop dust collector, but also as an agricultural pilot, agro sprayer flying a light aircraft, equipped with dust, spraying of powdered insecticides, fungicides, seed and fertilizer crops. This is a good career, a very low turnover rate, and may lead to the opportunity of the other pilot. Follow these steps to learn how to become a crop duster.

1Understanding involved. Crops, spraying pesticides, you must be good at flying at low altitude while avoiding trees, power lines, fences and other obstacles. Pilot take-off and the country roads or areas, rather than landing on the runway. The work is seasonal, irregular time, the pilot must be very toxic liquid.

2 to obtain commercial pilot license. In order to obtain a license, you must be at least 18 years old, and at least 250 hours of flying experience. You must also pass a flight test, misting machine written test and physical examination.

3Three agricultural pilot training course. There are many available courses.

4 to obtain driver's licenses for agriculture. To obtain a license, you must pass a written and promulgated by the State Council of Food and Agriculture.

Complete a professional crop duster is a one-year apprenticeship.

Create a resume. AV recruitment website has a variety of tips and examples.

7 Go to the local work crop equipments . The highest demand of the crop duster in California and southern states. You may have to follow the crops with the seasons.