The list of agricultural machinery

Time: 2012-04-01

Around armed and agriculture have been the first civilization to increase the earliest form of the crop. Early most agricultural tasks by human hands, agro sprayer or with very simple tools. Through the years, the machinery created to simplify farming, but still need to operate, or pull from the person or animal. Now, agricultural machinery, greatly reducing the manual labor in cultivating the crop, because a lot of machines do all the work.

Rotary Tiller is a common machine used by the farmers work the soil or loose. Also known as a rotovator, rotary tiller move the rotating blade, usually by two or four-wheel tractor pull soil. They be used for agricultural purposes, farmers need a new loose soil in the seed before planting, so that more oxygen. The rotary tiller evolved into a more domesticated version is known as a rototiller. This type can be found in most hardware stores, push and move round power blade.

Another useful and common agricultural machinery balers. Although there are many varieties, balers, the most commonly used throughout the farmland to collect valuable materials and compressed into a neat package. insect control materials they are useful because they allow farmers to reuse what is usually the waste left after the harvest. It can also be used to recycling facilities to compress recyclable materials such as plastic bags and paper. The round baler is one of the most common and farmers to use the most effective balers. When the collected harvest hay baler compression and rolling hay rollers and rubber belts. Once the roll is usually 1,100 to 2,200 pounds, reaches a certain size, it wrapped up, the introduction of the local farmers to store.

Like a rotary tiller, plow cultivation stage, mobile and seed and soil preparation. An area of tilling the soil is useful any old remains and disposed of, and to remove any noxious weeds. However, plowing, digging into the ground too deep, the surface of the material may be harmful to crops. Long ago, humans and animals such as cattle, pulling the plow, but later they become steam power. Before preparing a submarine cable or pipeline laying, agricultural machinery and even underwater plow.

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