About of the farm machinery and veterinary apparatuses

Time: 2012-05-08

Modern farming program to use no-tillage or no-tillage production of a number of reasons. The no-tillage requires less equipment, less time and reduce costs. agricultural machinery government crop subsidies no-tillage program that may be required. Strict rules apply to receive from the Commodity Credit Corporation, U.S. Department of Agriculture Federal owned and operated company paid farm. No-tillage farm ground, and can experience on the surface of nutrient loss, and the environmental advantages of modern farming, seems to have a significant trade-offs shortcomings.

No-tillage planting methods, you do not tilling the soil. Previous practices of the farm plow the soil, and put it in the field. Plowing usually have some rocks were picked up, so they do not undermine the planting. Farmers or a device called a rock picker to do this, they take the field, picked up the rock of hand. To land after picking up rocks and pull behind the tractor disc steady downward trend in soil. If any significant mass still exists, farmers around a drag. Required for all travel around these areas, farmers can put into the ground planting a new crop seed. Until the drill may not need any preparation, farm machinery and veterinary apparatuses
according to last year's harvest. The farmers not only make the field trip around this plant. This greatly reduces the time of the tractor farming.

Farmers to adopt no-tillage practices, does not need to have a plow, disc, or drag. This reduces the procurement of equipment and storage costs. Farmers only in the tractor, instead of four around the site visits, a significant reduction in fuel costs. Hired farm help in the planting process and wage costs are much lower use not to sow. No-tillage practices will require additional soil testing, but the cost is minimal. Collected from a depth of 4 inches and 8 inches of soil the amount of mail area of ??extension services, fertilizer application recommendations.

Previous crop farming methods, in the plow soil, resulting in significant losses in terms of quality topsoil. Loose soil more susceptible to wind and rain erosion. safety protection equipment containing nutrients and chemicals in soil and surface runoff of rain water filter, contribute to the pollution of local water resources.

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