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PriceUS $4500 / piece
Min. Order 1 piece
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Update Time 2015-09-04
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Vehicle-mountedfogger machine is Efficient and robust, specifically for spraying water spray,powder drugs, range far, large amount of spray, diffuse effect is good,droplets are uniform and detailed! 
Especially suitable for large area such as agriculture, forestry, garden pestcontrol;Pests prevention and control;Health and epidemic prevention,sterilization, special requirements of spraying water mist.

High-efficient oil-saving, strong power, large amount of spray and longerrange, spray effect is better.
Fine water spray mist function, can also make ideal spray powder drug effect.
Install a maximum diameter of 4.0 mm nozzle, uniform droplets also detailed.
A manual/automatic start two modes, which can realize the wireless remotecontrol operation.
Precision throttle control system, more stable performance.
Easy to remove the patent technology, maintenance more convenient.
Medicine cabinet, 1 mm thick tank adopts high quality 304 stainless steel platestamping manufacture, strong and durable.
Fulfillment of the whole machine USES new lightweight alloy material, good heatdissipation effect, compact structure, the beauty is generous.
The spray pipe 0 ~ 60 degrees adjustable at will.

Technical parameters:
Dimension: 1400 * 600 * 500 (mm)
Packing size: 1200 * 650 * 800 (mm)
Ignition way: automatically
Safety net: full protection
Fuel consumption: 2.5-4.0 litres per hour
Spraying: 30-150 liters/hour
The maximum power: 50 or more HP
Spray smoke range: 15 to 30 meters
Water spray mist range: 8 to 12 meters
Fog particles diameter: less than 50 microns
The cabinet volume: 80 liters
Cabinet pressure: 0.3 to 0.4 bar
Tank volume: 80 litres
Pressure tank: 0.12 to 0.15 bar
Starting power supply: 12 v (battery charger)
Use fuel: more than 90 pure gasoline
Applicable reagents: oily, water-based agent;Wettable powder, foliarfertilizer, etc
Net weight: 55 kg
Gross weight: 75 kg

Technical parameters:
Large area crop, horticulture, greenhouses, pest control, food processing orfarm disinfection, indoor and outdoor health and epidemic prevention, pestcontrol and other special requirements of spraying water mist.